My Mission Fitness Success Stories

Nick N.

I was diagnosed with and put on meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes 3 months prior to coming to Mission. Since joining I have lost 30 lbs, but the most significant thing was that after 4 months at Mission my doctor took me off all my medications.  I even had a small ice cream and checked my my blood sugar and it stayed normal. 

Diane H. 

I feel much more confident in my ability to simply move through the world.  My husband and I do long walks and before Mission, I found hill work both up and down very difficult.  In addition I fell a lot.  On our last trip after trtaining at Mission, I handled the hills much more easily and I did not fall once. 

Kim P. 

I love the energy and community that comes along with being at Mission.  When I first started I had significant back pain that was limiting my life.  I was astonished that Eric and his team put together a workout to push me and it didn't aggravate my back.  Over time, it got better. 

Jeff B

I came to Mission looking to lose weight. What I did was astonishing - losing 30+ pounds - but what I did not expect to find was a new fitness family.  I recently retired as a fire fighter but prior to that, they have you do a physical test with a oxygen tank on and you have 15 minutes to complete it and not run out of oxygen.  In years past It would take me 12 minutes and I would use up nearly my whole tank. My last test took me 7 minutes and I only used 30% of my tank

Beth M

At age 60, I am in the best shape of my adult life.  Strong, healthy, and balanced.  The individual and ever-changing programs keep my motivated and challenged; and the staff keep it safe, effective and fun!

Steve G

After working out at Mission, Steve says that there's nothing that he feels like he can't do. As he got older, Steve wanted to make sure he avoided getting frail so he could do as he pleased, such as mowing his own lawn. He is feeling stronger and more capable than ever using our training programs and expects to be smiling every time he leaves!

Corky S

Corky told us that before coming to Mission, she was a couch potato! After overcoming the apprehension of starting something new, she has been a consistent presence for seven years. Although workouts didn't start off easily, she was able to push through to maintain a long term member. Corky has found herself getting less aches and pains outside of the gym when she's gardening, showing that our mission doesn't end outside our doors!

Nikki M

Before Mission, I was feeling sluggish both mentally and physically. My clothes were fitting tight and I had low motivation. Now, I am feeling lighter and more focused. I have more energy and feel my clothes are fitting better and I feel much stronger. I had to be able to get out of my own way and stop making excuses for why I was so physically unfit. The encouragement and fun atmosphere has helped keep me motivated and wanting to come to the gym. 

Liz H 

Wow! The person I have become and improved to be even takes me by surprise sometimes. The way I physically and mentally feel are liberating! My focus, my motivation, my feeling of accomplishment, the way I feel my body changing pushes me to keep going, and keep striving. I would definitely say the "me" a year ago would be so proud and so inspired by the "me" now.

Holly G

Before Mission, my workouts we're inconsistent and only happened if I could fit them in my schedule. I've been consistently working out 4-6 days a week since September. I now schedule my workouts a week a head of time, just like I schedule my work meetings. I've lost 10 lbs & over 3.5% body fat. I've gained energy, strength and stamina. I think people need to know that everyone can do this. It doesn't matter if you've never worked out.

Ann K

Ann came to mission with a large amount of back pain after changing to a desk job. She didn't think she was going to be able to do the workout at our first session. Within four weeks of training, Ann said that her back pain was up to 90% less and that she could roll over in bed without pain. 
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