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Do you struggle with losing weight and 
living the healthy life you want?

Have you tried diets and workouts programs, but still struggle to consistently live the healthy life you want?

Are you overwhelmed with all the advice out there to improve your health?

Do you feel like your health and fitness is just something you’ve put on the back burner?

Are you working really hard and not seeing the results that you thought your hard work would provide?

Do you feel like you're stuck on a hamster wheel trying every fad diet without any results?

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Mission Fitness is the ONLY Personal Training gym in Michigan that helps people lose weight, gain energy and add more life to their years without beating up their body or using the next fad diet.
Thousands of success stories from our happy and healthy members

Dain Naida

I have never regretted a single workout at Mission.  The environment and energy is so positive that I truly enjoy every minute I am there.  

Anna Alcorta

I lost 20lbs last year and it jump started a new career for me.  I feel the absolute best I ever have and enjoy my new found energy. 

Jeff Barkway

I came to Mission looking to lose weight.  What I did was astonishing, losing 30+ pounds, but what I did not expect to find was a new fitness family.  
Our Programs
Small Group Personal Training

We are going to watch your every move and make sure you're staying safe and getting results in your customized personal training program.

Large Group Team

This is our signature group fitness class that’ll help you burn fat and get more energy but here’s the kicker, most group classes are NOT designed for people over 35. We’ve built this program…for you. Each workout is as hard as you need it to be.

Every workout will include the right recipe for you to see maximum results, 
but there is one difference... 
You will enjoy it!
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