Eric Driver
CEO - My Mission Fitness
"Everyone deserves to have exercise in their life no matter their starting level.  So we set out to help people 35+ lose weight, feel stronger, and be more confident about themselves even if they have tried every other gym and fad diet without success." 
Our Team

Eric Driver 

A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA and a 2003 graduate of Adrian College, Eric studied exercise science and biology.  After studying Medicine in Grand Rapids, he moved back to Adrian and began working with a local orthopedic surgeon and physical therapist while training clients in the evenings. After 4 years in Sports Medicine, Eric started My Mission Fitness in 2010 and has been impacting the Lenawee County Community ever since. 

Here are some fun things about Eric:
- Favorite Color: Red
- Favorite Animal: Cheetah
- Sport he is bad at: Bowling

Kaleb Frey

Running our Adult programming and training is no easy feat, which is why Coach Kaleb is in charge. Focusing on high energy and a positive culture, Coach Kaleb delivers that experience every time you come in the doors.  

Here are some fun things about Coach Kaleb:
- Favorite Color: Blue
- Favorite Animal: Wolf
- Sport he is bad at: Basketball

Kirsten Stiver

As Mission's Community Manager Kirsten is the front line when it comes to being the first smile you see walking into Mission, but not the last. Keeping a handle on the operations can be challenging which is why she spends her free time writing and watching her kids grow up.   

Here are some fun things about Kirsten:
- Favorite Color: Blue
- Favorite Animal: Critters like Snakes and Lizards
- Sport she is bad at: Bowling

Clayton Kirner

A 2016 graduate of Adrian College and former Mission intern, Clay loves bringing his energy to work every day to work with our members. Clay is in charge of our HS program at AHS and is an assistant bowling coach at AC.
Here are some fun things about Coach Clay:
- Favorite Color:  Fire Orange
- Favorite Animal: Polar Bear
- Sport he is bad at:  Underwater Basket Weaving

Megan Parshall

A 2019 Graduate of Trine University.  Megan loves to work with all the members at Mission and is a great personality.  She is also working on a Masters degree in nutrition.

Here are some fun things about Coach Megan
- Favorite Color:  Purple
- Favorite Animal:  Polar Bear
- Sport she is bad at:  Soccer

Chad Cilley

A NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Chad has a a ton of energy and will motivate you to work harder than you thought you could. With his great attention to detail you won't miss a beat or do anything that's not good for your body. Chad enjoys powerlifting and spending time with his kids. 

Here are some fun things about Coach Chad:
- Favorite Color: Red
- Favorite Animal: Tiger
- Sport he is bad at: Swimming

Alex Gilbert

A recent graduate of Siena Heights with a degree in Biology and a former Mission intern, Alex enjoys lacrosse and taking his jeep up to the sand dunes. 

Here are some fun things about Coach Alex:
- Favorite Color: Blue
- Favorite Animal: Wolf
- Sport he is bad at: Ping Pong

Rachel Kennedy

Rachel is Mission's front desk commander.  She is one of the first bright faces you see when you come in and is in charge of the day to day member experience.  

Here are some fun things about Rachel:
- Favorite Color: Green
- Favorite Animal: Koala
- Sport she is bad at: Tennis

Enrique Castillo

Enrique is a recent graduate of Adrian College in Exercise Science.  He has a fun personality and enjoys working with our adult and youth clients at Mission. In his free time he enjoys playing with his kids.  

Here are some fun things about Enrique:
- Favorite Color: 
- Favorite Animal: 
- Sport she is bad at: 
Why We Are Different

Fun and Knowledgeable 

Our coaches truly love what they do which is creating a fun positive energy that helps you feel motivated to come in and make progress. 

High Quality Customer Service

Our team is focused on you. We want to know you personally, what motivates you and what will keep you going. In fitness and health, you need a support system to guide you through so you can be the hero in your story book. 

Personal Attention

At Mission, we focus on providing the best possible coaching with both small group private training or our signature large group fat burning classes.  Our coaches are there every step of the way keeping you in good form and pushing you to your own unique capacity.
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